"Your Outer world is a reflection of your Inner-world", the essence and approach of my work.

- Kim Shelar
Meditation Expert, Energy Healer & Mind-Set Coach


What I do

I help individuals open themselves to ‘Receiving’ – The energy of Abundance, of Love, of Luck and flow in Life.

Turbulent times, either in relationships or work- are opportunities to dive within and review what within us is creating an aspect of these realities.

Often, we are “Stuck” in repetitive patterns because of the Limits of Our Mind, the Limiting Beliefs we are programmed with – at a conscious or sub-conscious level. 

My Clients’ take onus of their life while I hand- hold them in peeling off each layer of their mental programs, habits, thinking patterns and replace it with the Abundance and Growth Mind-set, amplifying Core Beliefs and Patterns that bring a Positive refreshing Change.


Working in this space isn’t a choice of “Career” but rather a calling. I was always inclined to this field of “Beyond the Visible” since school days. After spending 16 years in the Corporate world, there was this inner voice within me that was way louder than the noise of any busy road, asking me to enhance these innate gifts and share it with the World. It’s almost 5 years since I’ve begun to walk my path and now with clarity, intention and with great happiness, I can say I know I am on that road.

The synchronicities, the feedback , the tears, the breakdowns leading to happy and peaceful clients, the manner in which Individuals and Organizations find me, the way things show up in my life now with Ease and Flow, are all reinforcements to the fact that I have stepped into my Soul-Role.

One of my biggest turning point was during the COVID situation. While we all braced ourselves to handle our inner world and families, this was a time I knew I had to “Step-up” and be of Service to anyone and everyone that needed the Mental Support. My Goal is to present to the world Easy and sustainable techniques to enhance and maintain Mental Wellness and and living a Life of Joy and Peace.

Harnessing the Energy

The Sub-conscious mind directs 90% of our actions, hence I de-construct habits, patterns and healing at this level, and so the effects are permanent.

Global Reach

My signature one-to-one coaching is a client favourite and has attendees from around the Globe, including India, UAE, Spain, USA, UK, Australia, Sweden and many more geographies.

How I do it

The Energy work is through Face-to-face sessions, Online sessions, Group workshops, Group Meditations, Guest speaking, as well as long term Corporate Programs.

Power of Written Word

 I contribute through articles in Thrive Global, CanDy Mag India, Ladies in Business –UAE and other publications. Do read some articles at Thrive Global.


Individual Sessions

Healing Sessions

Corporate Programs

All our Programs are focused around bringing a balance of body & mind, of integrating the Sub conscious mind into habits & practices we follow. Courses to improve in:


Write to me to empower yourself with healing tools for your family. You can do workshops our 3 Tier Program on ‘Heal My Family’ (Ideal for Mothers), ‘Setting Intentions’, ‘Pre Marriage Course’, ‘Healing Techniques’ and more.

Volunteer Work

I’m also a Mental Health Specialist for LEOs ( Lions Club Young Adults), Mentor at Evolving Women and many others platforms. Feel free to access my curated meditations on my YouTube Channel here.


Client Photo
Charul C Jaitly Co Founder Matiti Group, HR Expert, Thought Leade
Dubai, UAE

I have known and worked with Kim on different projects and her versatile approach, commitment and perseverance always lets her work shine. She is the most diligent person and ensures to align her approach based on the client needs. She has a great personality and a positive vibe that one cannot miss!

Client Photo
Akram Kanso Brand Communications & Business Development , Life Coach
Dubai, UAE | Lebanon

Kim is a great spiritual healer. She is an amazing soul and you will enjoy with her the meditations sessions and all spiritual workshops. She has so much knowledge and wisdoms in which she can help you discover your inner power.

Client Photo
Nada Ahmed El Gazzar NLP Coach, Award Winning Speaking , Business Excellence Professional
Dubai, UAE

I have dealt with Kim in many instances,, Kim is such a passionate woman with dedication and commitment to continue fulfilling her goals and inspiring many others around her. Highly recommend her sessions.

Client Photo
Jane Clare Business in Life" Coaching - Master Builder of Successful Online Businesses
Antibes, France

Kim Shelar is an amazing Mindset RESET Coach, I had subconscious blocks for ages, and after just my first session with Kim I could feel the "release and reset" mind set start. She is a highly effective and understanding Coach with a host of tools to pivot the subconscious mind that are so, so, effective. Its my pleasure to recommend her and her amazing talents.

Client Photo
Vyara Tosheva Spa & Retreat Business Consultant
Dubai, UAE

I had the pleasure to meet Kim at a conference and since than we had a blissful journey together on working on some projects on healing and spiritual journeys. Kim has a soul larger than life and inspires in you from the moment you engage with her with the go-getter attitude, her ambition towards success and open hearted interactions. She is one of the first people to reach out to me offering her help and collaborations for the public during covid 19 crisis and had shown a true leadership approach towards projects we did together.

Client Photo
Jessi De Terra Empowerment and Purpose Coach, Write & Speaker

Kim has the humble power to ensure that everyone who interacts with her becomes the most important person in the room , a gift that I have rarely seen and comes naturally to her. I am so happy to recommend Kim to anyone who needs a fresh perspective and reprogram themselves to bring out their best versions. Whether you are working somewhere or own a business, if you are in Dubai and have not met Kim, it is high time you attend one of her sessions or workshop.

Client Photo
Assia Riccio-Smith MIH Founder Evoling Women
Dubai, UAE | Italy

I worked with Kim on several occasions and her professionalism, energy and positive attitude have had a long-lasting impact on our participants. Her outlook on life and in depth knowledge of mindfulness are simply refreshing.

Client Photo
Sue Brett Brand Humanizer and Marketing Content Specialist
Dubai, UAE | UK

Kim is such an inspiration for change, and achieving the potential we all have in life. Drawing on her own transformation and journey, her energy is infectious!

Client Photo
Kishore Dharmarajan CEO of SeoSouq.com - World's First 700% ROI Digital Agency
Dubai, UAE

Kim is a highly intelligent and empathetic trainer who can bring out the best in anyone. Kim's policy of improving oneself by understanding the true purpose of your being is an excellent way to look at one's career and life.

Client Photo
Rahul Ram AVP OPs
Australia | India

I would strongly recommend Kim as a professional with high levels of integrity. Her people management skills have tripled over the years, doubled her positive outlook, and singles her out as a complete well rounded professional. Very well done Kim!

Client Photo
Suzie Welstead Life coach for Trauma survivors and Victims of domestic abuse.
Leicester, Leicestershire & United Kingdom

The truth is she may of told me things that I already know yet at times we don't listen yet in this session I felt awesome connecting with my sub conscious as I know we make all decisions and choices through our subconscious. Thank you so much for the awareness for your time for such a beautiful practice to dance and release the old me to welcome the new me and for me to see that I am a work in progress.

Client Photo
Nousheen Mukhtar Social Entrepreneur| Branding & Advertising Strategist| PR UAE
Dubai, UAE

Kim is an outstanding life-guide, a wonderfully vibrant person with high positive energy who is always willing to offer support and guidance to anybody who needs it. She excels as a meditation expert and personal well-being coach. One of the best in Dubai.

Client Photo
Dr. Nancy (Nancy Castro) Haines LA California & UAE Executive Coach & Corporate Trainer
LA, California | Dubai, UAE

This woman knows how to show up everyday. She has shared value week after week. She has tons of meditations for anyone to access which is beyond kind of her! Her energy and laughter makes you want more!

Client Photo
Mansi Dholakia Global Ambassador for Mental Health & CEO at Global Mental Health Association l Psychology Counsellor l Author
Oxford, United Kingdom

Kim is full of light, love and energy. Her aura will energise your senses and her warmth will reach to your core. She is the most amazing human being with such passion and positivity in her heart. I wish her all the success in her life and hope to work more closely with her soon. Warmly, Mansi Dholakia. CEO GMHA.

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